A Cabinet of Curiosities


• What is gist?

GIST or gastrointestinal stomal tumour is a sarcoma that can be found anywhere in the go tract from the esophagus all the way down to the col-rectal area. Mine happened to have started in my duodenum.
For more information of gist please follow this link:!information/c1clo

• Why do you not capitalize gist making it grammatically incorrect?

I choose not to capitalize the letters because I feel that the disease does not deserve the respect that capitalization gives it. It has taken too many good people that I have met over the years.

• I see there are several types of gist, what kind do you have?

I have wildtype gist

• What is with all the unicorn references?

I have gist (which is rare), in a rare location, with a rare mutation. On top of that I have a beyond rare bleeding issue that really isn’t supposed to happen. This makes me a sort of medical unicorn.

I am also writing my Masters thesis on unicorns! How cool is that.



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