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I have very few memories of my grandad because of various reasons, but he died on Monday at the age of 95. 

He was a very organized man and decided that he wanted to use this picture in his obituary. This is a picture that I took of him a long time ago at the request of my grandmother. She wanted to have a postage stamp made for him with his image on it and needed a photograph of him to send in to the folks who were creating the stamps. 

I found this photograph again a little over two months ago along with the original contact sheet and processing times/colour balance formula. Little did I know in July that I would see this photograph again so soon.
I am regretful that things could not have been different and that I could have had a better relationship with my grandad. He was a WWII veteran and I know he had fascinating stories to tell – I just never had the opportunity to hear them despite him being in my life for so long. 
And so, I sit here at my desk full of sadness and emotions for someone I barely knew because of circumstances that were beyond my control and seemingly beyond repair that happened even before I was born. 

Family animosity and grudges are no joke. In the end it is really the next generation who ends up suffering the most because either they are shamed for wanting to get to know “the enemy,” whatever trait that is found undesirable is used against them “oh you are so much like your … ” and lastly kids are taught to hate people they have barely met to forward the grudge even longer and more deeply. This ends up having an all encompassing effect on the entire family. 

In the wise and very truthful words of Yoda:

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.” 

This post is not meant to be disrespectful to anyone. It is just the inner thoughts of someone who lost a grandfather before she had a chance to have one.

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